Mission Statement

Water Hall Primary school is part of Lakes Academies Trust. Lakes Academies Trust is a new Multi Academy Trust located in Milton Keynes, currently consisting of two schools.

We are situated on the Lakes Estate in Bletchley and are recognised for our work on values, emotional engagement and mental health.

We are an award winning school build completed in 2008 on the site of the old school, we run from Nursery (3 years old) through to Year 6 (11 years) and currently have 321 children, including nursery. We take pride in our school and work hard to keep it maintained to a high standard and resourced with the best equipment to support the children’s learning.

In order for children to learn, they need to feel safe both emotionally and mentally and therefore we work to build resilience in children. We do this in a number of ways in school, including Mindspace sessions both 1-1, small group and whole class to breakfast club. School provides a free of charge and nutritious breakfast for children which is available 20 mins before school opens. Staff retain an awareness for children who may arrive late or not having had breakfast at home to ensure these children have a nutritious start to the day. Children start their day in their classes with a ‘mindspace’ session. During this time children learn relaxation techniques including breathing exercises and visualisation. This allows time for children to focus in on school and leave any issues that they may be carrying at home. These sessions are also run at different times of the day if staff feel they are needed.

Our Family support team concentrate on providing early help to families. This can be with anything from attendance to Healthy lunchboxes. The Family Support Team are the key workers who pick up on the earliest signs of dissonance, absenteeism, trauma or other difficulties which may impact on children’s readiness for learning.