Our Staff

You can find a list of our staff below.

Also to make it easier for you to get your queries answered we have created the following guide.

We always promote speaking to the class teacher first as they know your child best.

If after this you still would like to speak to someone the order would be; Phase Leaders, Assistant Heads, Deputy Head & Head teacher.

The office will always direct you to the right person to help.

Senior Leadership Team

Miss B McGuire – Headteacher
Mrs A Howson – Deputy Headteacher
Mr J Atkins – Assistant Headteacher
Miss M Phillips – Assistant Headteacher
Mrs H Carr – SENCo

Extended Leadership Team

Miss L Farnworth – Early Years Leader
Mr R Crawford – Year 5/6 Leader

Teaching Staff

Miss A Mule – Foundation
Miss S Newell – Nursery
Miss K Pun – Windermere (1/2)
Mr K Bowskill – Thames (1/2)
Mrs N Ahmed – Medway (1/2)
Miss M Phillips (Yr 3/4 Leader) – Windsor (3/4)
Ms E Montford – Woburn (3/4)
Mrs N Malakinche – Blenheim (3/4)
Mr R Crawford – Warwick (5/6)
Mr J Atkins – Edinburgh (5/6)
Miss Z Sadia – Buckingham (5/6)
Ms J McIllhagga – Interventions Teacher
Mrs S Haworth – Foundation Teacher (Tues/Weds)
Mrs C Grego – Nurture Group – Chestnuts
Miss J Child – Nurture Group – Chestnuts

Support Staff

Mrs M Sharp – Nursery
Miss K Marks – Foundation
Mrs F Farrokhabadi – Year 1/2
Miss F Shamzi – Year 1/2
Mrs F Mehmood – Year 1/2
Mrs F Domingo – Year 3/4
Ms L Lloyd – Year 3/4
Miss N Russell (HLTA) – Year 3/4
Mr B Uddin – Year 5/6
Mrs J Lysaght – Year 5/6
Miss C Benning – Year 5/6
Mrs M Morcombe – Year 5/6
Mr A Perkins – Chestnuts
Miss R Posutto – Chestnuts

Family Support Team

Mrs E Burrows – Senior Family Support Worker
Mrs T Day – Family Support Worker

Office Team

Miss M Tillyer – Office Administrator
Mrs S Jaina – Office Administrator
Mr P Heather – Network Manager

Breakfast Team

Mrs J Lysaght
Miss S Chambers

Caretaking Team

Mr T Wallis – Caretaker
Miss S Chambers – Cleaning/Housekeeping